Training Program Pricing

Interested in signing up for more than one training program? We offer each program a la carte, as well as packages to save on individual registrations. Below you will find our pricing and package options for 2018. 

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Train 365 Package

The Train 365 is our all inclusive package, and gives you access to all our programs in 2018: 

Train 365 Package Price: $399
You save: $120

Be You Crew Package

Interested in improving your 5K and 10K throughout the year? Get our Be You Crew package, which registers you for the following programs in 2018:

Be You Crew Package Price: $189
You save: $76

Half-Marathon Only

Ready to focus on your half-marathon? Our Half-Marathon Only package gives you two sessions of half-marathon coaching and training in 2018 (Spring and Fall). 

Half-Marathon Only Package Price: $210
You save: $40


Individual Program Registration Pricing

Training Program Pricing