Staff Profiles

SHOES-n-FEET’s unique combination of retail, education and service has "closed the loop" between the medical community, their patients, and retail shoe stores and is a win-win for everyone.


Chris Benvelzen - Owner SHOES-n-FEET

Chris Bentvelzen, Owner

I have been an owner of SHOES-n-FEET for the past 12 years. My history is as a 6th generation shoe repairman. In each store you will see a black and white picture taken in 1932 of my Grandfather. The picture was taken in Holland in front of his shoe repair shop.

For the last 15 years I have had the privilege of doing some amazing things within the shoe industry. I have consulted on design work for companies such as New Balance, Aravon by New Balance, Dunham by New Balance, Brooks, Naot and Bite.

I currently or in the past have sat on three National Boards, including National Shoe Retailers - Education (youngest member), New Balance Family Shoe Advisory Committee and New Balance Over the Counter Arch Support.

I am also involved in education, with lecturing appearances at Samuel Merritt Podiatry Students, Aravon and Dunhams National Sales Meeting, New Balance 2010 Family Retailer National Summit, and Elite Conference Aetrex.

I look forward to working with you to solve your footwear needs!


Josh Seffinga, Certified Shoe Fitter

Josh Seffinga, Certified Shoe Fitter, Manager

I came to SHOES-n-FEET by way of the sporting goods industry and have been fitting shoes since 2009. Having my own personal history with foot troubles has made me sensitive to the needs of our customers who are often visiting our store after many trials and tribulations in finding products that not only work for their unique feet, but that they love. I'm a rabid hockey fan, avid videogamer, and Magic the Gathering aficionado. Bring your geek feet to SHOES-n-FEET so we can show you what you've been missing!


Adam Stuhlfaut

Adam Stuhlfaut, Director of Running

My passion for running began when I raced my first mile on a dirt track in my 7th-grade gym class. I went on to run competitively at Wayzata High School, where I won the Minnesota state cross-country championship in my senior year, at Princeton University and for the New Balance Boston racing club. I've had a chance to compete in races throughout the United States as well as in England and Ireland. In addition, I have worked as a footwear product manager at New Balance, and from 2010 to 2014 I owned two specialty running stores in Massachusetts. Running has introduced me to many fantastic people, including coaches, teammates, and world-renowned athletes. It has given me the confidence to push my body to new heights, whether it be fast races, 100-mile training weeks, that crazy 40-mile trail run on the Appalachian Trail or dressing up like a turkey for a Thanksgiving 5K. I have also coached runners at every level and age, and I am constantly inspired by working with many amazing people. Working for SHOES-n-FEET provides me the opportunity to make running better here on the "Eastside" near where I live and to learn much more about footwear from the comfort side of our business.


Jesse Ames

Jesse Ames, Certified Shoe Fitter

I have been working in shoes for 5 years. I started my career specialized in running shoes, and have stayed in the industry because of the unique opportunities it provides me to help people live healthy lives with relief from foot pain. I love SHOES-n-FEET because the comfort and running shoe combination allows me to fit customers to be comfortable in all aspects of their life. In my spare time, I enjoy basketball and listening to music. 


Vivian Broda

Vivian Broda, Certified Shoe Fitter

I came to SHOES-n-FEET with experience in fashion and an extensive background working in customer service. I interned with “Do The Extraordinary”, a clothing company in Seattle, in their design department, and modeled with various fashion designers. While involved in the fashion industry, I noticed the nature of uncomfortable footwear that most people wear each day to look good, compromising their health and creating long term problems. Most people are not educated on the effects of wearing bad shoes. I love working at a company where I am able to help people look and feel great without damaging their feet, knees, hips and back. 


Chip Bronsky

Chip Bronsky, Certified Shoe Fitter

I started with SHOES-n-FEET in June, 2017, after obtaining my business degree in entrepreneurship from the Oregon State University. I grew up in shoes. My family has a business that has been producing footwear for big box stores, such as Walmart, Kmart and Target, since 1993. I have been able to travel around Europe to study different styles of footwear, as well as visit shoe factories in many parts of China. I love working at SHOES-n-FEET because I am able to utilize my extensive shoe knowledge to find customers the best fitting shoe in a small, family business setting. 


Aviva Browning

Aviva Browning, Assistant Running and Fitness Coordinator

Running is not so much a hobby for me but a way of life. From running laps along the perimeter of my house as a kid to competing for Lewis & Clark College in cross country and track, I have learned so much about the sport and the body. With a degree in biology, I am eager to combine my interests in running and biomechanics to fit and coach SHOES-n-FEET customers using scientifically sound practices. I love having a job that allows me to share my passion for running with the public! 


Carrie Horton

Carrie Horton, Assistant Running and Fitness Coordinator

I am an experienced shoe fitter,  runner, as well as certified race director and coach through RRCA. In addition to assisting many athletes accomplish their running goals, my own running experience has included a multitude of 5k's, 10k's, half marathons and full marathons. While I have completed many races, running was not always an easy task for me. I was a true novice when I first started, but I took things day by day, slowly increased my mileage, hired a running coach and stuck to a plan. It was tough at first, but I progressed, bought appropriate running shoes, and was on a good path to completing my first 1/2 marathon. Today, I mainly run for recreation or with clients to support them through races. Although, I do enjoy throwing in a race here and there. My biggest asset is my belief that each of my clients can succeed at the goals they set forth. My positive and informational approach has assisted many clients into becoming the runner they set out to be. It is all about your goals, your intentions, your experience. Each client's experience is personalized and individualized whether you are running for exercise, a goal race, a PR, or a Boston Qualifying time.


Summer Leek, Certified Shoe Fitter

Summer Leek, Certified Shoe Fitter

The right outfit starts with the right shoe. Working here has taught me the balance of looking good and feeling great. A proper fitting shoe will last you all day while giving you confidence in each stride. Let's shop our selection and see what we need to add to your arsenal for happy feet!