Welcome to SHOES-n-FEET San Francisco

My name is Chris Bentvelzen and I have been an owner in SHOES-n-FEET for the past 10 years.  I started right out of college working in the Bellevue, WA location as Certified Shoe Fitter.  Over the years I have held every position possible at SHOES-n-FEET, the only thing I had not done was open a brand new store. 

We looked at several areas to open this new store and based on many important demographic factors, including the fact that people in San Francisco buy 40% more shoes per person than people in Washington, a fact which makes a shoe salesman smile; we selected the Bay Area. So three years ago my wife and I decided to move to San Francisco and open a store.  The opportunity to start a new store has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  The San Francisco area has been a pleasure on multiple levels.  First the medical community has been a fantastic to work with and the people they refer to me are even better. Secondly, even though San Francisco has amazing shopping, I can honestly say there are no other stores like SHOES-n-FEET, with the same level of knowledge about feet and shoes or which provide the same services and products, so we are really filling a need and helping people, which is a great feeling.

I am fortunate that for the last 10 years I have had the privilege of having some amazing experiences within the shoe industry, all of which have taught me important lessons about shoes and retail which I use everyday to improve the services and products available for my customers.  For one I have been the official shoe buyer for all the SHOES-n-FEET stores and as a result have been asked to consult on design work for companies such as: New Balance, Aravon by New Balance, Dunham by New Balance, Brooks, Naot and Bite. These experiences really allow me to understand shoe construction, technology and design which means I can help you find the best shoe for your and your specific foot needs.

I am also involved in National organizations such as the National Shoe Retailers and sitting on the education board, which has developed my skills as an independent retailer, skills and knowledge that I am committed to passing on to my staff for the benefit of my customers.

My greatest passion however is working directly with my customers, which is why you will often find me in my store fitting shoes.  I love working through a complicated fitting scenario and coming up with the perfect shoe and best fit possible for someone.  There is no greater reward than watching someone enter my store in pain, helping them, and then watching them leave feeling relief.  I know customers appreciate it because they keep coming back, which is great!  I would love the opportunity to show you how we are different and how we can help you, when you visit our store.

I would like to thank the Bay Area for the tremendous opportunity to serve you over the past few years and provide you with a place to receive the best shoe fitting experience available.  I look forward to a long and continued successful relationship with my existing and new customers.