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Irene Diamond, R.T. Creator and founder of the rehabilitation method, Active Myofascial Therapy – The Diamond Method™. She is also the founder and director of Diamond Massage & Wellness Center.


"3 Easy Ways to "Lose" 10 Pounds,  With No Dieting or Exercise"

Forget about the diet and exercise New Years Resolutions, for now, simply be prepared to discover a sneaky, (but powerful) little-known method of 'dropping' 10 pounds by the time you walk out of this workshop! (wear shoes you can take off, and comfortable clothes)

January 13, 6:15 -7:45


    2398 Lombard St., or 415-931-2400


The product we recommend in San Francisco is Welstand Insoles.  Finally an arch support that fits both your feet and your shoes!  The concept is so simple and functional.  There is one orthotic footbed to support your arches and your feet and three different top covers: one for your athletic shoes, one for your casual shoes and one for your dress shoes.  This means you can wear your arch support all day every day. Just pick the shoe and the appropriate top cover and away you go.  Come on in to try a pair today!