Rocker Sole

Shoes with rocker soles are very stiff in the front of the shoe and often are even a little rounded, creating a rocking effect. This rocking effect helps alleviate foot pain due to conditions affecting the forefoot or ball of the foot, such as arthritis and neuromas. Rocker soles can also be used for walking or standing for long periods.


Merrell offers both outdoor and casual footwear. This company marketed the first supportive after-sport slip-on shoe.


Dromedaris is known for their commitment to lowering the carbon footprint of their products. The brand's eco-friendly shoes are made with chrome-free leather and lining, a 50% recycled rubber outsole and a recycled cork midsole. The sole itself is a modified rocker sole, which is takes pressure off knees, back, and thighs.


The professional Alegria series are a great choice for casual shoes for the woman on the go. The medium or wide footbeds feature great arch support, reduces stress on joints and have memory foam for all day working-on-your-feet comfort.


Cogent Footwear is inspired by the ancient balanced movements of Tai Chi combined with modern technology. 


Ryn footwear is offered in Dress, Athletic, Casual, Outdoor and Sandal styles. Their shoes strengthen, tone and align the human body by recreating a natural foot strike environment. They are intended for those seeking comfort and physiological relief, as well as tone.


Cambrian comfort shoes are high quality durable shoes and sandals which provide, stability, comfort and adjustability ideal for fitting every foot type.

New Balance

New Balance manufactures many of their shoes domestically, in their five New England locations. They have an extensive width-sizing and two different lasts to accommodate extra-depth needs.


MBT refuses to call its footwear a shoe, highlighting four major differences.


The spirit behind Dansko is healthy feet, healthy body, and healthy planet.  Dansko brings the traditional carved wood clog into the modern age. Danskos use polyurethane soles for increased comfort and shock absorption.


Aravon is a sister company to New Balance and incorporates their innovative technology into their extra-depth professional shoes, casual shoes, walking shoes and sandals. Aravon’s focus is on fit. They go beyond length and width to consider the whole foot volume.