SHOES-n-FEET Reviews

Below are some of the customer comments we have recently received.

Love the shoes that I've purchased at your store.  I teach kindergarten, so I'm on my feet all the time.  Since wearing your products, my feet have remained comfortable and pain free throughout my entire day.  THANKS!

Cheryl W.

I purchased two pairs of shoes several months after foot surgery. Since then, those two pairs of shoes have withstood long-time wear. I needed more shoes, so I purchased regular shoes at a local store. I am paying the price with aches and pains in my foot! I will be going back to SHOES-n-FEET to purchase more shoes since they worked the best and give me the most comfort.

Lisa T.


Thank you so much for fitting me into these Saucony tennis shoes! They fit nicely, and I wear my compression sock on the left foot and put a band-aid on the scar so it doesn't rub on the shoe. Wearing a regular sock on that foot is too much, but this works. And with the great way that you did the shoe strings, it works out well for support and for the swelling issue. I have much more confidence in walking and am walking more, my ankles are supported better and consequently my foot is becoming more flexible!

Thank you so much!  You do such good work, and you are fun and so informative! I appreciate it!

K. Hood

Everyone was so helpful and assisted me in finding the right shoes for my situation. I appreciated the time and effort they took to take care of me. I have never had such a wonderful experience anywhere else. Thank you.

Weldee W.

On June 20th I purchased a pair of shoes (the Aetrex "Lucy") at your Tacoma store. This is the fourth pair of shoes I have bought at SHOES-n-FEET in the past two years, and each time I am impressed with the care, courtesy, and expertise with which I am treated by your knowledgeable employees. Roz waited on me this time as she did last year, and she was painstaking in her fitting and explanation of the kind of shoe I needed. In the past, Carol has waited on me, too, and also took time and care. Both the products you have available and the people who sell them are of the highest quality. Thank you.

Annette H.

I recently bought a new pair of Naots as well as new Brooks walking shoes in the Bellevue store.  They're super.  The best thing is I brought back two pairs Munros that were giving me problems and your associate put new footbeds in them.  I thought I wouldn't be able to wear them again, but they're reborn!  Now I have 4 pairs of terrific shoes!  Your new footbeds are great. Thank you so much.

Joy P.

I was highly impressed with Carol Traulsen at the store in Tacoma. She was very informative and personable. I felt a little unsure before going, not knowing really how to explain my special need, but carol was amazing, she asked the right questions and I truly felt she understood what I needed. So because of her I found the perfect shoe for work. This was just yesterday I went and I have already told 12 people at work. So here’s to you Carol and of course Dr.Scott for recommending SHOES-n-FEET to me in the first place, I love my new shoes, and will be back in to get my second pair in about 2wks. thank-you Shauna Nelson


Maria Rocks as a shoe fitter.


I have already recommended this shoe store to so many of my co-workers and clients. I have never had a shoe sales person with so much knowledge. Buying shoes has always been an unpleasant experience for me, but this store and the sales people where so knowledgeable and helpful, that I won't go anywhere else. Thank you,


This was the easiest shoe buying experience I have EVER had. I hate buying shoes and yet, your shoe fitter was able to fit me in the perfect shoe on the first try.


This is my first time shopping at SHOES-n-FEET and found it to be the best shoe buying experience I have ever had. I came in after visiting on of you competitors first and the difference in the care that I received was night and day. I will be a SHOES-n-FEET customer for life.


For the first time in my life, the sales person took time to assess why my feet hurt and recommended the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! This was no ordinary shoe salesman...eager to make the next sale...this person knew a lot about shoes. He shared his knowledge and I was the beneficiary. I left the store eager to share my experience with others. I thought this meant that I would call a few friends, instead I found myself on the phone inquiring about purchasing a SHOES-n-FEET franchise.


Very friendly and welcoming staff each time I have been in the store. I enjoy the selection and look forward to coming back.


I thought the store was outstanding and I will go back to buy my next pair of shoes. Thank you for having such wonderful people to work with your customers.


I have been to SHOES-n-FEET in Seattle several times now and found the customer service to be consistent.. excellent ! Very knowledgeable staff and the best customer service you will find anywhere.


Terrific customer service. I am very happy, and will tell my friends.


Once I found you people, I knew my worries about painful feet were over. Thank you.


My feet have been so happy since I started wearing your shoes!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) AND people are always surprised to hear that my shoes are supportive shoes. I tell them where you are!


They spent a lot of time with me to get the correct shoes that I need.


I was really impressed with the service I received.


Most stores these days are fit and serve yourself. It was so refreshing to go in and get good old fashioned customer service from the staff at SHOES-n-FEET. They were attentive, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I appreciated the time my sales person spent with me in helping me to find just the right shoe. Thanks!


I began shopping at the SHOES-n-FEET store located in Everett several years ago. I do not purchase shoes anywhere else. The staff is amazing, kind and helpful every visit. I have referred friends to the shop and they have had the same experience with the staff. The product is wonderful as well!


I am walking in the 3 Day in Denver this August. Kurt B. was extremely helpful. I am very excited you carry brands such as Naot and Dansko, I will definitely be back!


I have no ideas on how you could improve your service and products. A thoroughly enjoyable experience to have a clerk exude confidence and knowledge about what she was selling and willing to spend over an hour with us on this sale. This kind of service is so rare in today's shopping culture!

D. and C.K.

I have been there many times and have always been impressed by the excellent attention given me in view of my particular needs. I have also witnessed patience and politeness toward a customer who was very demanding and vacillating. They make me feel as if I am the most important person!


This is the one store where I know members of their sales staff are really interested in meeting my needs rather than just selling a pair of shoes. The result is a happy customer over a period of years.


My feet/legs feel much better since I started shopping at SHOES-n-FEET.


Maria was amazing. She helped me figure out how to use my orthotics in not just the Naots I bought, but in all of my Naots! I had hundreds of dollars worth of sandals that were virtually unusable until I stopped into your store and met Maria. Additionally, she was kind and patient with my mom who recently had foot surgery and is lamenting the ugly motion control shoes she has to wear.


Dear SHOES-n-FEET, I am so happy that I was referred to you. Tiffani and Ryan were great and even though each of them had other customers when I arrived, they both made me feel important and each of them asked me questions and took a genuine interest in the reason I was there. Tiffani ended up helping me find the shoes I needed for work and even offered me bottle water while she made many trips to the backroom to see what other styles of shoes might fit my needs. Thanks you for a great store, friendly and knowledgeable staff and for giving us a chance to thank you. Signed, K. B.--a forever customer :D


The people at the Reno store make each visit fun, productive and friendly with my whole circle of family and friends.


Wonderful service and wide selection


I thought the service at the Reno store was excellent. Ryan was the one who explained my doctor’s diagnosis and made sure my new shoes fit properly. He is an asset to this company. Thank you,


Hello Dean. Just a note to say how very, very pleased I am to have discovered you! Actually, my podiatrist sent me to you....and for the first time since 2002 ...I am pain free! This is amazing....I just realized that it has been about three months since I was reduced to tears of pain while walking. I love the shoes that I purchased there, and...I can't believe that you could even make my favorite Channel boots...comfortable. I have told all of my friends about both you (you are wonderful...and Dutch!), and the incredible service you perform for us baby boomers. Hats off to you and your team!


It was wonderful to experience this kind of personal customer service not to mention knowledgeable personnel. I definitely felt confidence in the person helping me. I will definitely go back.