Help! What shoes are good for bone spurs?

Help! Bone spur shoes - SHOES-n-FEET

I have a bone spur on my big toe. I can't have surgery, so I'm looking for shoes to accomodate it and minimize the pain.

- Sandi

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Hi Sandi!
With the bone spur on the big toe, we have to be careful of how much the shoes flex in the front. The reason for that is that your big toe is the springboard in your foot that propels you forward. If you have pain in that toe, most often you will start to walk differently and put more pressure on the second and third toes, which are not big enough or strong enough to handle the work load. There is a reason for your big toe is BIG! As for what you can do... 
1. Use a shoe that is wide enough since we do not want to pinch the toes

2. Use a shoe that is deep enough since we don't want to put pressure down on the toe

3. Use a shoe that has a stiff front: This is often called a forefoot rocker or a shoe with more toe spring. You do not want to have a shoe that is entirely flat on the bottom; rather, you want it to curve up a little. (But not too much. Too much curve can cause pain also so there is a fine balance.)
One trick to do when purchasing shoes is put the shoe on a flat surface and push down on the toe. If you can only stack 1-2 fingers under the heel as it comes up that most likely will not work for you as you will have to flex the big toe to propel yourself forward.  If you can get 3-5 fingers underneath, you should be in much better shape. 
Also see if the front of the shoe bends. More bend equals more work for the big toe, which of course you want to avoid. Something else to consider are graphite plates that can be inserted into shoes in order to create a stiffer front.
Here are a few shoes/brands to look at:
1. Dansko
2. New Balance Styles 1123, 927, 956
3. Aravon Styles Mia, Maya, Maura, Lucie
4. MBT
5. Ryn
6. Haflinger (A great option for a house shoe - DON'T GO BAREFOOT!)
We hope this helps and if there is anything further we can do, please let us know.
Long Live Happy Feet!
Best regards,
Chris Bentvelzen
Certified Shoe Fitter and Owner, SHOES-n-FEET San Francisco

I also have a bone spur. I Googled and found your site. The above advice is incredibly helpful. Would you recommend getting a wide shoe? I find that shoes with a square toe are better for me. Thanks!

I remembered my high school time when I saw this shoe. This would be a perfect shoes for the students. - JustFab

But I have a bone spur on my 2nd toe. How can I help alleviate the pain before I go for surgery ?

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